diary girl hand journal

In my poem Questions I was quite literally questioning my own faith. As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, I was raised with a religious background. Before I jump into the background of my religious upbringing, I want to make a quick note. I am in no way telling[…]

seashore with coconut tree under blue sky during daytime

Living Water is my second favorite poem that I have ever written. I also wrote this poem when I was a seventeen-year-old girl back in good ole 1999. I was raised in a deeply religious family. Faith was the root that kept my family together despite a lot of[…]

withered flower with scattered petals on white surface

Exposure was the very first poem I wrote. I wrote it in 1999 when I was seventeen years old. I know, showing my age a bit here! I wrote this when I was trying to understand the true meaning of love and heartbreak. I had just broken up with[…]

I’m so excited to welcome you to my new website. In the past few years I had to leave my full time job due to chronic health issues. During the pandemic I was able to really zone in and focus on my health and am finally at a[…]