How do you put on your socks?

“Victory belongs to the most persevering.”
~ Napoleon Bonaparte

After hip replacements, I never fully regained my mobility. Attempting to put on my socks is a huge feat these days!

Normally, I wait until bedtime, and as my husband is tucking me in I sweetly say, “Honey can you put my socks on for me”?

Yes, you read that right my husband tucks me in every night, and it’s adorable!

But what happens when my husband isn’t around?

I have to grab my foot by the heel and pull it up as high as I can, which is extremely hard.

Then comes the tricky part of rolling the sock up just enough to get it over my toes.

Then I release my foot and bend over and try to shove it past my toes and up over my ankle.

Huffing and out of breath the conquering victor I feel like an olympian after this task has been completed but with no one to brag to or appreciate my hard-earned victory.

I write this humorous post for you today to remind you, and myself, that all the little things matter.

Small victories can be BIG victories!

Celebrate, regardless of who may or may not be watching. You did it!

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