I grew up in a religious family. We were never allowed to dress in costumes and trick or treat as the other kids. It was too evil according to my parents.

When I grew up I decided I wanted to give this Halloween thing a try.

In my twenties, I grabbed one of my girlfriends and we went trick or treating.

I dressed up as the singer Pink because I was pretty broke at the time and didn’t have a lot to work with to create my costume. I spiked up my pixie blonde hair and threw on some dark makeup and grungy clothes and then set out on my mission to go door to door and collect some candy.

I ended up with a lot of strange looks and people saying “Aren’t you a little old for trick or treating”. It wasn’t really the experience I was hoping for.

But I was determined. I would find a way to enjoy this holiday.

When I got married my husband, who also didn’t celebrate Halloween as a kid, thought it would be fun to start a yearly game night with our friends. We would set a theme and all come dressed up in costume to play some games.

It has been a huge hit every year. So since it’s Halloween today I will share with you some of my favorite costumes over the years.

Happy Halloween????????????

Left: Bad Janet | Middle: Hans Solo in Carbonite | Right: Panda All images credited by Author

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