Living Water is my second favorite poem that I have ever written. I also wrote this poem when I was a seventeen-year-old girl back in good ole 1999.

I was raised in a deeply religious family. Faith was the root that kept my family together despite a lot of the hardships we were facing. I remember my mother starting every single day at the kitchen table reading her bible. We did not have it easy. My parents were both in their third marriage with four young children between them to raise. My parents clung to their faith to pull them through.

Seeing my parents’ faith made me long to feel what they were feeling. I went to church, and I felt empty while they felt full. My young teenage mind just could not comprehend being fulfilled by an unseen force. I had so many unanswered questions. That is where this poem came from.

I had this visual in my mind of a man in a desert and from there the words flowed onto the page. I love the visuals in this poem. To this day I can relate to the man in the poem. Longing not only for love but also for a sense of total fulfillment in a force unseen.

Living Water

Promises like a desert barren and empty,

Grains of sand that pile up and form large endless dunes,

A thirst for love like a traveler across this endless sand,

Longing for a drink seeking and trying to find an oasis,

He looks around and there he sees a river,

He jumps in unclothed,

Only to find it all a mirage,

Finally dehydrated and near death he falls to his knees and sees your oasis of love,

After a long journey he’s finally found something to quench his unruly thirst,

He takes it in slowly at first testing to see if it’s for real,

Gradually he becomes a new person in you,

A man that can withstand all the dunes in this endless desert called life.

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